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Amazon Golf Course color gradient
Amazon Golf Course
An Amazon Golf Adventure in Iquitos Peru
Welcome to the Amazon Golf Course, Iquitos Peru, last outpost of
civilization. Surrounded by rivers and rainforest, Iquitos, and the
Amazon Golf Course are the most remote adventure golf destinations.

We carved the Amazon Golf Course out of 24 acres of second growth
jungle in 2004. Now, beautiful Amarillo Palm trees line the fairways,
with other palms, broadleaf trees, and shrubs landscaped in
appropriate places. Located 30 minutes by moto-kar from the tourist
center of Iquitos Peru, the adventure starts here,
Welcome to Iquitos

The Amazon Golf Course is a difficult nine hole adventure with a par 5.
It's not so much birdies and eagles; more like boas in the rough,
caiman sunning in the sand traps, piranhas lurking in the water holes.
It is the only course in the world where golfers are issued a machete
to carry in their golf bag. Please, avoid the anaconda.

  • The Amazon Golf Course is Pay and Play Golf at $25 for 18 holes,
    includes 12 balls, clubs, and machete, additional balls $1 per ball.
  • Members $10, includes balls and clubs .
  • Driving Range $5 per bucket of balls and clubs.
  • Putting practice green $3, includes balls and clubs.

  • Special discount for Peruvian players age 25 and younger.
  • Begins with 3 free days on the practice putting green.
  • 3 free days hitting balls on the driving range.
  • Followed by 3 free rounds of golf.
  • Then all golf rounds, driving range, and practice putting greens
    are half price.

Copyright 2008  Amazon Golf Course

Spanish  +51-65-223730
English   +51-965-943267

Amazon Golf Course
#185 Malecon Maldonado
Iquitos Peru

Ask for the course
manager, Mike Collis.
9th green at the Amazon Golf Course
The 9th green at the Amazon Golf Course
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Home About Us Members Rules Layout Links Sitemap
Map to Amazon Golf Course
For directions or details stop in at the office #185 Malecon
Maldenado, near the first block of Nauta St, facing the river. Opening
tee time is 6:30 AM, Last tee time is 4:00 PM.

This is not your father’s and mother’s country club, but Iquitos does
boast a 5 star hotel and many restaurants featuring delicious Peruvian
cuisine, and it is a lot more exciting.

If you combine a round of golf with an Amazon Cruise to one of the
three grand nature reserves, or a couple of days at one of the lodges,
Iquitos and the Amazon Golf Course will provide a life time of
memories and stories to share with your family and friends of your
adventure to the Amazon River and rainforest.